The Society of Physics Students at Duke is a student-run organization. We are brought together by our common interest in physics, our desire to learn more about the universe, and our love of learning. You do not need to be a physics major to get involved with SPS at Duke! All majors are welcome.

The goal of SPS is to take these interests and help students use them to construct a professional standing as a member of the community. Through classes, a student may learn material. Through SPS, a student may apply this material by presenting research, winning scholarships, and networking with established scientists. There are many other SPS chapters, and this network provides students with physics opportunities locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally. Within SPS is included Sigma Pi Sigma, the national physics honor society. The “two-in-one society” operates within the American Institute for Physics, an umbrella organization which sponsors several other professional physics societies. Read more about us here.

Please email Gia Jadick (glj13@duke.edu), Isabel Ruffin (imr4@duke.edu), Faris Sbahi (fms15@duke.edu), or Dr. Phillip Barbeau (psbarbeau@phy.duke.edu, faculty mentor) if you would like to join the Duke SPS or just be included on the email list for activities.

A double pendulum exhibits chaotic behavior.



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