May 13, 2013

Remember this scene from Star Trek (2009) (also ignore the kid (the force is bigger than the speed of light? What does that even mean?))? If you can’t tell, this is the part of the movie when a Romulan warship creates a black hole (?) by exploding (? I saw this movie a long time ago, so the details are a bit foggy). Anyways, if a black hole was created from the Romulan warbird, the force on the Enterprise wouldn’t be that big. In fact, if we use 4e9 kg for the mass of a Romulan warbird (apparently, someone figured this out) and a mass of 2e9 kg for the Enterprise, we find that at a distance of 7500 m (approximately 4.5 miles), the Enterprise would have felt a force equivalent to 1 g.


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