March 31, 2013 logic question

Assume you are a melon farmer. This year, you’ve grown 45 melons, and you want to sell them at the market. The market is 15 miles away. Your cart can only carry 15 melons, and every mile you walk, you must eat one melon. Also, you can leave the melons anywhere along the path since there are no robbers along this stretch of road. What is the maximum number of melons you can bring to the market? For example, you bring 15 melons to the 1 mile marker, eating 1 along the way. You drop off 13 melon, and eat the last on the way back. You pick up another 15 melons and walk to the one mile marker again. You drop off 14 melons and pick up 15. You then walk the remaining 14 miles to the market, eat 14, and sell 1. Assume you don’t care about getting back.


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